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24th May 2018 - Apprentice Required

Apprentice Required

We love hair and we want an apprentice who does too!
We need someone to join our team and train to be a stylist, if you know someone who might be interested please ask them to get in touch either by phone, salon website or facebook...we will love you too if you help us find someone.



10th November 2017 - The Nightingale Fundraising Raffle October 2017

The Nightingale Fundraising Raffle October 2017

We can now confirm the H&K Raffle for The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre raised an amazing £1125 - WOW!!!

Massive thanks must go to...
Everyone who purchased a ticket,
Rainbird Scarves, Goldwell, Matrix, Muriel, Richard & V who donated some of the prizes,
Joan & Vicki, from the Nightingale, who came to the salon to draw the tickets,
The H&K team who supported the event, with their usual massive enthusiasm.

The money will be used to purchase essential items for the new building.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

31st August 2017 - Nightingale Fashion Show

Nightingale Fashion Show

We are honoured once again to be doing the hairdressing for The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre's Fashion Show on Friday 3rd November at Enfield Baptist Church...This is a great way to see Pearsons fashions for winter, plus bubbly and canapes...and a goody bag!

View the new Pearson's winter collection for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Bubbly and canapes from 7pm.

Hair by Hudson and Kemp, Make-up by Pearson's make-up artists.

Pre-booked tickets, £22. Tickets on the door, £25.

Call 0208 366 9674 or visit  for tickets.

9th August 2017 - Introducing Biolage RAW

Introducing Biolage RAW

Biolage R.A.W. is Real. Authentic. Wholesome.

This powerful haircare regime gives you the ability to create the hair you’ve always dreamed of - while being good for you and good for the environment.

Biology R.A.W. is a range of feel-good, look-good, do-good hair care...
99% biodegradable
97% natural origin
no silicones
no sulphates
no parabens
no artificial colourants
traceable ingredient source
colour safe

This small, specialist range contains a shampoo, conditioner and mask in for 3 hair needs…
NOURISH to re-hydrate
Transforms dry, dull hair into healthy-looking soft locks, using ingredients like coconut oil, honey and quinoa husk, and kaolin clay.
RECOVER to re-hab
Restores shine to stressed, sensitised hair using ingredients like yucca, goji berry, coriander oil and kaolin clay.
UPLIFT to re-bodify
Purifies flat, fine hair without harsh stripping using ingredients like black sesame, grapefruit, kiwi and kaolin clay.
Custom oil blend for all hair types and textures to achieve softer, smoother, shinier hair, contains pure olive oil, pure sunflower oil, pure borage oil, rockrose essential oil, lemon balm essential oil, fennel essential oil.


21st June 2017 - Summer Hair/Hair On Holiday…

Summer Hair/Hair On Holiday…
Wearing a hat will protect your hair, your skin and your hair colour (both natural and coloured hair will fade in the sun).
Wear a swimming cap, I know everyone hates them but they do help :)
Pool water contains sanitising agents to  protect us but the chlorine and copper in these products can sometimes turn blonde or grey hair green, ask your salon’s advice on how to solve this.
If swimming, wet hair before hand with fresh water (not with the pool/sea water) and use a leave in conditioner to help stop salt/chlorine penetrating the hair shaft.
Always rinse your hair with fresh water (not sea/pool water) after you have been in the water.
Protect your scalp, it can get sunburnt (especially your parting) so either wear a hat or use a scalp protector spray. If your scalp is burnt be extra careful when shampooing, use cooler water and a gentle shampoo, you could apply some aloe vera/after sun.
If your hair frizzes in the heat/humidity use an oil/curl cream and rich shampoo and conditioner, you may want to wash less then usual to keep the natural oils on the hair.
If your hair becomes flat and lank in the heat use a dry shampoo or a fibre dust to add body, when shampooing use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and do a last minute cool rinse.
When shampooing be gentle, use a wide tooth comb or wet brush when detangling and start at the ends and work your way up the hair shaft.
Wear your hair up, a twisted bun or plaits are very popular this summer
Use the hairdryer as little as possible - if you are not taking your dryer, be careful of hotel dryers, they can be very hot or have erratic speeds.
After you have get home, use a clarifying shampoo to remove any salt, chemicals, sand or an overload of products and a good quality conditioner.
Keeping your hair and skin hydrated makes a difference - drink lots of water.
Have a trim when you get back from your holiday and if your colour has faded a toner or temporary colour can add tone and improve condition.
Most importantly have a great holiday and remember that your hair will recover…
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